Is there a Microsoft Perfect Storm coming?

I try to keep up with most happens coming from Microsoft, which is quite a task in itself; however I have been noticing lately that while the Microsoft badgering continues without fail, there is a lot brewing for the second half of this year and next year.

On the consumer front by the end of the year, it looks there will be…

  • Windows 7 – The brand spanking ‘major’ update that has everyone talking,
  • New Zune Hardware
  • Updated Zune Software & Marketplace (this goes with the international launch)
  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • MyPhone Final release (and possibly integration with Live Services)
  • Windows Mobile Marketplace
  • Live Mesh Released
  • Advertising coming out of every Microsoft orifice

With the consumer ads not actually advertising Windows (except for the last splash frame), they are doing a very good job at getting people to talk not only about Windows but PC’s which great for the entire PC makers community. This with their big push on a Windows Phone and the new WM6.5, which from the betas is turning out to be a pretty nice refresh release and Windows 7 and all it’s goodies, there looks to be quite a nice push to the