I don’t subscribe to the whole dreams thing, but there was one dream the other night that I think needs to be retold. Especially as I’m currently on a health kick where I’m not eating any Fast Food Chain Food and Fast Food in General.

This crazy dream, myself and another person I don’t know, were touring the world, taste testing Fast Food Chains burgers. Not only were we touring and taste testing we were critiquing the taste of the burgers and in one particular fast food chain (I believe it was a Burger King) one of the staff got to come touring with us back to Australia to see what Fast Food should taste like, somewhere on this return trip to Australia we were playing soccer in some over grown basketball court. Strange….

I think this is my brains way of breaking out of the addictive bond that is Fast Food… onto healthier options, hopefully…. day 15, 340 days remaining…