Holiday Time!

Unlike most people when they go on holidays, this isn’t a post to warn everyone that I’ll be posting less, in fact I hope it means I’ll get time to post more as I don’t exactly have much of a holiday plan yet. Feel free to give me some ideas via twitter or the comments.

Currently my holiday consists of moving my unit from one building to another in the same complex, which should be nice and exercise-filled few days. It has been interesting to see the different personalities that show in people when an event such as a lease expiry occurs. I’m fairly relaxed about it all and don’t get too stressed, if we found a new place great, if not, then we could sign another 6 month lease and see what happens then. My housemate however gets a little stressed and a little impatient with the whole process. Interesting.

The rest of my holiday I hope will be learning some new skills with some personal projects like my main website and new theme for this blog and increasing my fitness level for the Bridge to Brisbane event in September.